About Me

I am a mathematician with interest in algebra and algorithms, two areas that are deeply rooted in two very different communities. Having a firm love for both, I particularly enjoy when they can be combined. Here's a picture of me and a very dreamy lady:

A picture of me and a very dreamy lady

I enjoy programming, mostly C and Python. I run a tech blag called “nullteilerfrei” together with my friends. Occasionally I make minute contributions to the electronic music compositions of my pal Oli.

Short CV

  • (04/12 — today) Current Position
    PhD student of Prof. Dr. Bürgisser at the TU Berlin. Areas of research are algebraic complexity theory, representation theory and geometric invariant theory, in particular orbit closure problems.
  • (10/05 — 02/12) Diplom Studies
    I studied mathematics at the university of Bonn with a focus on algebraic geometry. My thesis deals with a certain class of branched coverings and resolution of their singularities.
  • (08/95 — 06/04) Secondary School
    I went to the Fürst-Johann-Moritz Gymnasium in Siegen, Germany.
  • Born 1985 in Siegen, Germany.

Contact Information

Jesko Hüttenhain, Schönleinstr. 3, 10967 Berlin
Get my PGP public keyfile or check pgp.mit.edu.
9385 AE1C 1D4A 81E3 0625 E6D4 9B02 A914 FE3C 2DE1
++749++ 27163 834 28405396
I use Signal, the best open source cryptographic messenger app out there. The mobile phone number is the one above. The QR code on the right contains my fingerprint.

‘Social’ Media

I am barely active on github,
and even less active on twitter.

Recent Blag Entries

“Niemals aufgeben, niemals kapitulieren.”
— Peter Quincy Taggart